What is St Petroc's all about?


How do you sum up the whole school approach to children and their learning?


St Petroc’s is first and foremost a vibrant community, bustling with enrichment activities and extracurricular commitments and a way of life that embraces a child’s natural inquisitive nature and desire to learn, try new things, and understand well rounded happiness. Having access to as many opportunities as possible, allows for the successes and the failures, while instilling resiliency and determination and the ability to question why...

Of course, there are clear benefits of having smaller classes, the vast sporting opportunities, exposure to music and drama productions and closer teacher contact but for children at St Petroc’s sharing space and time with each other is a key element to enjoying their time in school. The ability to share time at both work and at play with children at differing stages in their education and age range is a wonderful thing to witness and makes this school quite special and the children are therefore well rounded, confident and very happy here.


The school has strong traditional values appreciating individuality, excellent manners and standards of behaviour while promoting effort and creativity. All of which are alongside successfully embracing modern flexibility, ideas and approaches to a child’s learning journey, albeit in the classroom or in their lifestyle outside it. I firmly believe that this is so important these days as our aim of building self-confidence for life is an excellent and defining feature of the school. There is a clear ethos that everyone here is included and involved in all that the school has to offer. It has been that way for the past 105 years and something that we endeavour to continue now.

The absolutely most important piece of advice I could offer anyone would be to come and visit us before making any decisions on the school. Come and meet the staff, the pupils and even the parents. Get a feel for the building and the learning environment and the energy so prevalent within it. I completely understand that schooling is a significant choice but it is also undoubtedly an investment. If you are able to come and interact with our community you will see some of the uniqueness that St Petroc’s has to offer, and what makes our school have that special “family feel”. I am very proud of the school and the pupils within it and I would be delighted for you to come and see why.
Gina Wagland BA (Hons), NPQH, PGDip Counselling


Outstanding Inspection Report 

As a member of the Independent Schools Association (ISA) we are inspected by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) rather than OFSTED.


Read more about our fantastic 2014 inspection here.

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