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As a member of the Independent Schools Association (ISA) we are inspected by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) rather than OFSTED.  The two bodies work closely together and indeed whilst we were being inspected by the ISI in 2014, OFSTED arrived unannouced to inspect our Inspectors!


We are incredibly proud of our inspection report.  You can read the full report by clicking the icon to the right.  Below, though, is a collection of the highlights of the report. 


Of all the wonderful comments I am perhaps proudest that the inspectors said:


‘the manners, courtesy, confidence and general spiritual, moral and social development of the children was the best any of the team had seen in any school they had inspected, including their own’!





  • Their literacy and numeracy are excellent, as is their creative ability.

  • Pupils show excellent attitudes to their work and activities out of class.

  • The extended school day provides extensive opportunities for all pupils to …. complete their homework in a supervised and supportive setting.

  • Teachers know their pupils very well and the atmosphere in classrooms is friendly and purposeful.




  • Pupils achieve a high level of success in their extra- curricular activities, especially in sport.

  • Sport especially enables pupils to achieve at a high level, both individually and in teams, regionally and nationally.

  • The extended school day provides extensive opportunities for all pupils to take part in a wide range of sports....




  • Pupils’ musical ability, especially their singing, is strong.



  • …. pastoral care is excellent.

  • …excellent pastoral care, support and guidance,

  • Boys and girls of all ages show a strong awareness of themselves and others…. their personal development is at an exceptionally high level.

  • Their behaviour, self-confidence and sense of responsibility are excellent.

  • Pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is excellent.

  • Thoughtfulness, loyalty, consideration, confidence, resilience and resourcefulness are all attributes seen in the pupils in abundance.

  • At lunchtimes pupils sit in ‘family’ groupings, with Year 6 taking a lead in serving meals, looking after the youngest and clearing up.

  • Pupils’ table manners are impeccable; they appreciate lunch as a special social occasion.

  • Mixed-age friendship groups exist across the school and older pupils talk proudly about the ways they look after younger pupils.



  • Pupils’ relationships with staff and with each other are exemplary, and standards of behaviour are high.

  • The school is highly successful in fulfilling its aim to develop confident and balanced children prepared for their next school and life beyond it.

  • ….parents are highly appreciative and positive about all aspects of the education provided for their children….




  • The setting makes outstanding provision in meeting the needs of the range of children who attend.

  • The setting consistently achieves high standards, with a high-quality educational programme for children of all ages.

  • Partnerships with parents are excellent and they are kept very well informed about their children’s progress

  • Parents..…. expressed unanimous satisfaction with all aspects of the setting.

  • The contribution of the early years provision to children’s well-being is outstanding.

  • There is…. a very warm and welcoming atmosphere, and as a result, children feel safe and secure.

  • Regular physical education lessons and access to the school field give younger children a positive experience of physical activity.

  • … the children to flourish in a secure and caring environment in which they feel safe and content. 


Full Report

Outstanding ISI Ofsted Inspection at St Petroc's School, Independent Day School, Bude,  Cornwall and Devon Border
Outstanding ISI Ofsted Inspection at St Petroc's School, Independent Day School, Bude,  Cornwall and Devon Border
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