'The outcomes for children are outstanding'.

As a member of the Independent Schools Association (ISA) we are inspected by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) rather than OFSTED.  The two bodies work closely together.


St Petroc’s School, the only Independent school in Bude, has been graded

'outstanding in all areas'

following a recent inspection by the Independent School’s Inspectorate of its Early Years and Prep School and is fully compliant in all areas.  Inspectors commentated that the parent survey results were possibly the highest that they had ever seen. For the school, that has been providing education in Bude for 106 years, this is an excellent achievement following significant investments in updating and improving facilities.


A selection of statements from the report are shown below and you can read the full report by clicking the icon to the right.

'The overall effectiveness of the Early Years provision is outstanding'.


'Leadership and management demonstrate a very strong commitment to delivering the best possible care for the children'.


'The well-developed curriculum ensures that the needs and interests of all children are met, enabling them to develop as confident learners'.


'The quality of teaching, learning and assessment is outstanding'.


'Information about individual progress is shared with parents, who feel very well informed'.


'The personal development, behaviour and welfare of the children are outstanding'.


'Achievement is valued and celebrated'.


'Encouragement and positivity are evident at all times'.

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