​Our vision at St Petroc’s Early Years is to create a happy and positive environment within which we develop confident and balanced children prepared for their next school and life beyond it.



Our mission includes the desire to discover, nurture and develop the potential of each child in our uniquely caring environment rich with activities, opportunities, enthusiasm and energy.



St Petroc’s is an Early Years setting that aims to prepare children for their schools by developing their self-confidence and self-esteem embodied by the phrase ‘self-confidence for life’.

At St Petroc's Early Years:

  • We value children who try their hardest.

  • We value children who achieve excellence in academic, and other fields.

  • We value children who consider the needs, values and cultures of others and not just their own.

  • We value children who try to get involved in a range of activities.

  • We encourage manners and self-discipline.

  • We recognize that children need time to play.

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