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News - St Petroc's School Nursery overjoyed with reply from Buckingham Palace!

Children and staff at St Petroc's School Nursery, a nursery and pre-school setting for children aged 3 months to 4 years based on Ocean View Road in Bude, were delighted to receive a letter in reply from Buckingham Palace recently.

The children had put together a letter and series of colourful pictures that they'd created in the setting in the run up to the Coronation, wishing His Majesty well for his big day. The children also helped to create a big wall display to mark this very special occasion.

Tahira White, Early Years Manager, said: “As you can imagine, we were all very excited to read the letter once we saw that it was a reply from the Palace. The Head of Royal Correspondence, who replied from Buckingham Palace on behalf of King Charles III, said that the King wanted to thank the children for their colourful contributions. He was deeply touched that the children had taken the trouble to write, and wanted to convey his warmest good wishes to everyone at the setting”.

Tahira added: “We hope that the children will remember this for many years to come, a very special memory indeed. We will keep the letter safe and cherish it forever!”

Those interested in finding out more about the St Petroc's School Nursery setting or Holiday Club can visit , or call 01288 389832.


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